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How to stain wooden floors?

If you want to know how to stain wooden floor we can help you out. Staining is one of the most important steps to make your floor fashionable with a great look and a professional and comprehensive protection from all sorts of liquids, wearing, etc. Avon Hardwood Flooring Company have a long-term experience in staining all types of wooden floors. Below you will find several important issues to take under consideration while staining your floor. Continue reading

Our collection of oak parquet blocks

Oak Flooring Suppliers online shop located in Bristol provides you with a varied range of quality-made oak parquet blocks for affordable prices. Our collection of products is suitable to use in commercial and residential interiors, which allows our Clients to choose the product they need.

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How to properly sand parquet floors?

All parquet floors, as other wooden floors, require professional sanding and filling works to protect each wooden surface from scratches, cracks, holes, etc. One of the best choices is to use professional orbital and edge sanders – the first one used for main works on larger room areas and the second for more delicate and careful works around the corners.

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Parquet floor oil

After laying the floor it is important to treat it with a professional parquet floor oil that will make it both professionally protected from both chemical and mechanical damages as well as makes its colour and pattern more visible and fashionable. Parquet Floor specialists in Bristol will help you choose the right kind of accessories for you.

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Parquet floor staining

In Parquet Floor Specialists we offer the best professional engineers and fitters to do the highest quality parquet floor staining. Our extensive experience allows us to provide unique colour staining for each type of parquet floor.

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Engineered or solid hardwood

More and more people decide to install engineered or solid hardwood floors in their living-rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and even in high traffic density spaces like restaurants or hotels. However, it is not always clear which timber type to choose for a particular space. Here we would like to offer you some brief and concise remarks on what type of wood to choose in your own room.

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Wood floor designs

There are many different types of wood floor designs suitable for houses, flats, companies, hotels and many other places. Most of these floors, however, are manufactured using best skills of most experienced craftsmen.

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