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Hardwood flooring manufacturer & producer UK

We partner with a hardwood flooring manufacturer to bring you the best quality hardwood flooring possible. We are able to monitor the manufacturing process from start to finish. We have a wide range of hardwood flooring available for our clients, due to our hardwood flooring manufacturer.

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What type of wood species can be used to manufacture hardwood flooring?

The following types of wood species can be used to manufacture hardwood flooring wood species:

  • ash
  • hickory
  • maple
  • oak
  • red oak
  • walnut
  • white oak
  • teak
  • cherry
  • and much more

For more information about species of wood, contact us.

What two types of hardwood flooring can be manufactured?

Aside from the various species of wood that can be used to manufacture hardwood flooring. There are two types of hardwood that are generally available. There are also two main types of hardwood flooring that can be manufactured:

Solid hardwood flooring

Solid hardwood flooring is more costly, because it is wood in its natural form. Solid wood flooring is sometimes referred to as original timber flooring. Solid wood is essentially wood cut into pieces that are generally, thicker than your regular wood floor panels. They are cut into size and then later installed in your home or commercial space. Solid wood flooring is a great option for anyone looking to give their interior a luxurious, authentic wood finish. Our manufacturing partner provides us with a large range of solid hardwood flooring.

Some advantages of solid wood flooring include:

  • it is traditional and luxurious
  • planks are made from one piece of wood
  • solid hardwood has a long life expectancy
  • you have a choice between unfinished or pre-finished hardwood
  • can last a lifetime without having to be replaced
  • you have the option of sanding and re-finishing your flooring a number of times (if and when required)

Engineered hardwood flooring

While engineered hardwood flooring may look like solid hardwood, the construction is different. Engineered hardwood flooring is built of multiple thin layers that are bonded together. Engineered hardwood flooring tends to be wider and it almost always sold pre-finished. Engineered hardwood is better suited for humid locations than solid hardwood flooring. You can install engineered hardwood flooring in places like a kitchen or bathroom. Engineered wood flooring is more compatible with underfloor heating systems than solid hardwood flooring. Additionally, engineered hardwood flooring is more accessible for different budgets.

Some advantages of engineered hardwood flooring include:

  • it is more affordable
  • temperature resistant
  • more suitable for humid conditions
  • adds value to your home
  • life span of around 20 to 30 years
  • easier to install

What is the cost of hardwood flooring?

The cost of hardwood flooring will vary depending on the type of flooring and the wood species. For more information in regards to cost, give us a call. Our customer service staff will be more than happy to answer any questions.

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