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Hardwood parquet blocks

Coming with the widest range of different types of parquet blocks our specialists can provide you with the most comprehensive and all-encompassing services for hardwood parquet floors.

What characterises our parquet blocks:

  • great strength even in high humidity environments,
  • fashionable visual effects,
  • extended moisture proof capabilities,
  • easy fitting and installation,
  • water-proof,
  • best solution for residential places,
  • highly efficient for commercial spaces,
  • many colour types available,
  • lots of interesting patterns to choose from,
  • highest quality timber used for manufacturing,
  • many colours to choose from,
  • and lots of other advantages,

What we do:

  • professional installation of parquet floors,
  • fitting of all types of parquet floors,
  • renovation of parquet blocks and entire floors,
  • refurbishment of old and worn parquet floors,
  • professional sanding service exclusively for parquet blocks,
  • client support in choosing the right blocks for a wooden floor,
  • oiling and lacquering for parquets,
  • and many more,

Our parquet flooring specialists as well as professional and experienced engineers in fitting and renovation of wooden floors realise both domestic and commercial places. Throughout years we have gained extensive practical knowledge which allows us to take up small, medium and large flooring projects.

It is possible to choose the parquet blocks on your own from our shop which sales and delivers parquet floors, hardwood floors, engineered floors, solid floors and many other types. Thanks to having warehouses with lots of space to store our wooden blocks and  boards we offer an immediate delivery to Bristol and within the nearest towns and villages around it.

If you would like to receive more info on how and what we do, please contact us by phone or by mail.

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