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Reoiling hardwood floors

You may wonder about re oiling hardwood floors and its real effects on your natural wooden flooring. The truth is, re-oiling is strongly recommended especially if you have previously used some hardwax oil on it.

How often to re-oil the wooden floor?

It certainly depends on the type of the wooden flooring, but it is usually accepted to do reoiling every 2 years or even once in a year if needed. Before reoiling the floor it is also possible to spread the oil prepared for maintaining the surface of the floor. It will also make the floor look much better.

How to do reoiling?

It is important to do the whole thing in a right way – to follow the exact instructions as specified by the specialists or provided in the manual. Some of the steps are given below – note that this guideline does not cover all the aspects.

First, you need to thoroughly clean the entire surface of the floor using only the best, most effective maintenance products. Always add some water to the concentrate unless noted otherwise.

Then, provide a thorough buffing service (whether on your own or using some professional company). Always try to use the 150 grade sandpaper as it does the job best.

After that it is time to apply a thin oil coat on the surface of the wood. There are two main ways to properly spread the oil over the surface – one is to use the buffer and the other is to do it using your own hand.An alternative is to use a simple cloth. The drying process lasts up to 10 hours after which you can again use the buffer to receive the perfect shiny clean surface of the wood.

Whom to trust in doing reoiling?

Only the best specialists can be trusted to do the whole reoiling project – otherwise the floor may bend and crack depending on the weather conditions and the amount of the oil used.

If you wonder whom to trust – you can always count on parquet floor specialists who have been present on the flooring market for about 50 years now! We have developed a unique and fully professional service – call us and you won’t regret it!

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