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Wooden floor heating underfloor

The use of underfloor heating option is the option that more and more people decide on. It is, however, important to pay attention to several important issues related to wooden floor heating before we actually decide on that solution.

The good news is that there is a variety of floors which are designed for use with this form of heating and while every floor in the portfolio is not suitable for this, there are still many excellent options for you to choose from.

Are all wooden floors appropriate for underfloor heating?

While not each kind of a natural wooden floor is prepared for underfloor heating system there is still quite a lot of floors which can be used if you decide on this type of heating.

How do such floors differ from others?

Generally speaking, floors which can be used with underfloor heating systems are manufactured in such a way that makes them float over underlays, but some of them allow also glueing to sub floors.

What heating system to choose for wooden floors?

Having the right type of a wooden floor is only the half of the requirement for a proper and effective underfloor heating – you must also remember that there are different types of underfloor heating systems. Always choose the floor heating system which operates well with natural wooden floors and their specific construction.

If you are not sure what floor type to use for your underfloor heating system – you can always contact us and our professional and experienced engineers will help you right away in choosing the right floor and the heating system.

Our Bristol-based floor installation company provide the widest range of different flooring services for commercial and residential needs. Feel free to contact us by mail or by phone if necessary.

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