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How to fix squeaky floor?

A few remarks on how to fix a squeaky floor. It is sometimes possible for a wooden floor to squeak after it has been installed and fitted. Some of the reasons for this are: the natural condition of wood, results from temperature changes, or from humidity levels.

How to reduce squeaking:

For most of the time such squeaking will not bother you as the floor just has to adapt to the new environment. However, if the squeaking is persistent and can really drive you crazy you can use the following: try to minimise the effect of friction by brushing the spaces between the panels/planks with a chalk. It is also possible to do the same using talcum powder.

If this does not help and you see that there is a friction between the wooden planks and the joists you can screw them together.
If you cannot locate the source of squeaking or you just don’t have enough time to take care of it – contact us and don’t hesitate to ask for our help. Our experienced team of floor fitting and repair engineers will fix your floor the way it should be.

We offer our wooden floor repairs mainly in Bristol, but we can also do the works within Cardiff, Bath and their surroundings. If you are not sure whether we operate within your neighbourhood – find out by calling us.

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