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How to remove hardwood floors?

If you have ever wanted to renovate your wooden floor and couldn’t figure out how to do this – here we will show you quickly how to remove hardwood floors to get them renovated.

Each type of wooden floor gets worn and used with time. Removing wooden floorboards is an easiest way to renovate the entire floor or to fit and install a completely new flooring.


Step one: hardwood floor lever up.

This is the beginning of floor removal and it does not bring a lot of problems because most of the wooden floors are butted together so working with a chisel will speed up the work and make it easy.

Apart from the chisel a good hammer will also do allowing the chisel to go in between the boards. After that you’ll need to do the work along the edges of the wood.


Second step: removing tongues of a wooden floor.

After levering up the floorboards you will need to remove all the tongues keeping the boards together in a firm way. Use a saw to do the work if particular boards are damaged. It is important to place the saw in such position as to cut only the layer which will have the thickness of the board. This way you will be sure that all the wires and pipes remain untouched.


Third step: removing all the hardwood floor panels.

To remove the floor boards completely you simple need to continue the processes in step one and step two and be careful not to miss any of the damaged board or the entire floor if it is in a bad condition. Be careful to monitor if all nails have been knocked out.


Call for wooden flooring professionals to do the work for you!

People often don’t have the time to do the removing of an old floor or they just simply don’t want to spoil anything. Hiring the team of professional floor fitters is, therefore, an option worth considering. If you happen to live in or near Bristol you can call us and we will do the entire wooden floor removal for lowest prices and keeping the highest standard of quality.

Find out more about our contractors, methods they use for renovation, removal, fitting and installation of natural wooden floors, as well as the projects they have already realised for many clients (see floor sanders in Bristol). Call us for a professional support.

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