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How to protect wooden floor from pet scratches?

In this short post we will give you some advices as to how protect wooden floor from pet scratches. This will preserve the wooden flooring for a longer period of time and will reduce the costs to be spend on the renovation works. As always you can consult our professional flooring contractors to help you choose the best solution for your floor.

Pet training strategy

One of the best methods to minimise any damages such as scratches but also dog and cat pee. In order to reduce such problems to the minimum keep your pets within your sight and let them out as soon as you see that they want to go out. If, on the other hand, the accident happens anyway you just wipe the floor and dry it carefully and thoroughly.


Provide a lot of exercises for your pets

Exercise your pets outside so that they will go back home and do not wander around scratching the floor.


Try to keep your pets’ nails shorter

One of the best methods that will save you from renovating the floor is to keep your pets’ nails short. Go to your veterinarian and ask him to show you the way to cut the nails so that you can then do the cutting on your own.

Regularly clean the floor

Having pets will result in smaller and sometimes bigger amounts of mud or any other dirt on the floor. Even though the amount may be small the dirt will behave as a sandpaper creating small but visible scratches.

Use carpets to protect the floor

Using carpets will get rid of the floor scratching. It is especially welcome to have the floor carpeted on all spaces that are characterised by extensive traffic – pathways, anterooms, entryways and the like.

Place dishes with pet food on the mat

This will reduce the shuffling and scratching the floor below while pets eat from the dishes.


However, if it happens that your floor is already significantly scratched with the cracks filled with dirt we can help you out! Just call us or mail us and our professional floor fitters and renovators will bring your floor back to its natural beauty and make it shiny clean using our dust-free sanding and best finishing service in Bristol. Our team of experts will provide professional floor maintenance for your floor regardless of the state it is in.

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