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Buying wooden flooring

Many people ask why it is necessary to buy more wooden flooring than the actual area of the room. The reason for this is very simple.

To make the proper floor fitting you must order about 10% more wooden flooring than the space of your room – it is necessary to cut some of the planks and panels to a particular shape to make the flooring fit. It is often the case that you cannot use the planks and panels that have already been cut to fit other spaces of the room – all the grooves and tongue ends would then have to be removed.

Therefore, buying wooden flooring requires ordering either less or more floor than needed. For instance, if there are bay windows, closets, or a fireplace you will need to order more wood than the area of the floor. However, if the room is perfectly square you may stay even with 10% less material. This applies both to engineered wooden floors and hardwood floors. If you are interested in floor fitting and general flooring services – our Bristol-based company of professional fitters can provide you with a quality and effective service.

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