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Wood floor styles

It is possible to use up to three different wood floor styles to use as a flooring material in your house or any commercial space. The three types include such wooden floors as planks, parquets as well as strips.

All of these types can have various colours, decoration patterns and width and, therefore, it will be easy for you to choose the right type and specification. Below you’ll find a quick specification of each type of wooden floor.

Parquet floors

These wooden floors can come in different sizes and patterns ranging from most simple ones to those with more complex patterns and designs.

Wooden planks

They can be made from different timber types and create effective-looking linear patterns which fit perfectly both more traditional and more modern interiors.

Wooden strips

They are usually narrow and provide interesting and fashionable patterns which are linear in shape. Because stripes are usually narrow they make each room and interior look bigger and more spacious than it really is. Wooden strips are used mainly by those who enjoy traditional designs for their floors.

Choosing the right type of wooden floors

If you are not 100% certain which wood floor style and type to use for your floor – don’t hesitate and consult us. Our team of knowledgeable and professional specialists will advise you on which wooden floor will make the best option.

You may contact us either by phone or use our e-mail to ask for any kind of support. We do the jobs that are mainly located within Bristol or around Bristol.

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